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Important Information Regarding CRTC Decision 2018-484

We want you to know the implications of the CRTC Decision 2018-484 on your telephone services.


A set of procedures will be put in place following the CRTC decision in December 2018 to reduce the number of fraudulent, illegitimate, and unsolicited calls for all users of fixed and mobile telephone services in Canada, in order to combat these unwanted calls.

These procedures have been adopted by all Canadian telecommunications operators and providers in the market and must be implemented by December 19, 2019, at the latest.


A completely transparent call-blocking system will be put in place across the whole Fibrenoire network. This automatic feature aims to block calls that reach you, but that do not respect the official format of a telephone number as defined by the international dial plan and the North American Numbering Plan (NANP).

The first stipulates that an international telephone number cannot exceed 15 digits, while the latter states that a North American telephone number must have:

  • 10 digits when expressed in national format or “1” + 10 digits when expressed in international format
  • A valid area code (consisting of the first 3 digits of the number) e.g. cannot start with “0” or “1” and not ending with “11
  • A valid subscriber number (consisting of the last 7 digits) e.g. cannot start with “0” or “1

For example, the following numbers will automatically be blocked: 1234, 012-345-6789, 611-234-5678 and 514-023-5678.

Thus, as a Fibrenoire subscriber, if a malicious person attempts to call you and their number does not meet the criteria above, his call will be blocked and you will never receive it. You will be protected against this unwelcome call.


We highly encourage you to check the compliance of your numbers with the administrator of your telephone equipment to make sure that they are not blocked by the system that will be put in place.

No updates to your service are necessary on your behalf and these changes should be transparent to you. No changes are expected to your billing either.


If ever you notice anomalies in your calls via your Fibrenoire numbers, it is likely that your DID (Direct Inward Dialling) does not comply with the points mentioned above. Do not hesitate to ask the administrator of your telephone equipment to carry out the appropriate checks.

If someone you know (a legitimate call) tells you that they are trying to call you, but their call is not coming through (no tone or message is heard), you can verify this by contacting our technical support at 1-877-907-3002 x 2

The Technical Support Advisor will need the full telephone number of the person who made the call, the destination telephone number, the date and the approximate time of the last call that did not come through.


Our support team is always available to assist you or to answer any questions you might have. Do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help.


Phone: 1-877-907-3002 x 2


To access the complete version of the CRTC decision:

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