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About us

Hello, We Are Fibrenoire!

At Fibrenoire, we take you straight to the point.
This undoubtedly explains our undisputed love for bullets points (see for yourself).

Fibrenoire, it's :

  • The best fibre optic connectivity services exclusive to businesses
  • A network of more than 45,000 km of fibre across Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa and Quebec City
  • 3131 happy customers from all industries
  • An approach based on consulting engineering and custom tailor-made solutions
  • People who go straight to the point

Our Mission (No sugar-coating)

Increasing the performance of businesses by optimizing their telecommunication infrastructure.

This is the reason why we get up in the morning (when we did not go out for happy hour the night before).

Our Vision (No BS)

It’s very simple actually.
We want to conquer the world of telecom.

Our Consulting Engineering Approach:
Expertise Without the Tease

Fibrenoire is not just fibre optic connectivity services. It is a team that is connected to you and your needs with an avant-garde vision of telecommunications.

It’s what we call an engineering-consulting approach. What does this mean for you?

  • Your needs and goals are taken into account (and understood)
  • You benefit from adapted solutions rooted in innovation
  • You profit from our unparalleled expertise and insights for all of your connectivity challenges
  • In short, we evolve by your side (while going forward and watching your back!)

What We Believe In?


We’ve got nothing to hide. That’s why all the details of your account are available to you live, 24 hours a day.


We love us some challenges! Our team of experts turns the worst of conundrums into baffling solutions.


It’s in our nature to adapt to the changing needs of our customers and be the vector of new ideas and funky solutions.


No compromise. No half-measure. We aim for the highest quality in all our initiatives.


"Work hard, play harder!” We offer an awesome work environment which directly reflects in our efficiency.

Yes, We're Different

At Fibrenoire, we mean business, literally.
We focus solely uniquely and ONLY on business solutions. NOTHING ELSE.

But the differentiation doesn’t stop there.

Here's what makes us different, according to our customers:

  1. Creative solutions based on our consulting engineering approach
  2. Unparalleled expertise
  3. Record delivery time
  4. Transparency and candour
  5. Amazing customer service with no intermediary
  6. A Network Operations Centre (NOC) run 24/7 by our geeks

The terms or expressions we DON’T LIKE:

It is said that those who go forward have a winning mindset.
That's why at Fibrenoire we are allergic to the words below (besides being allergic to corporate heaviness):

No, Lose, Highlights, Propel, Package deal, Standard, Promotion, Status quo, Wait, Limits, Complicated, Unreliable, Uncertain, Unstable

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