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Our Cloud service is just uncompromising on innovation.

CloudEXTN (pronounced Cloud Extension) is a simple single connection that opens the door to a multitude of cloud service providers.

And with a direct, private access managed end-to-end that extends towards all your preferred applications and services hosted in the cloud, you’ll have all the good reasons to be on a cloud.

Oh and remember, your cloud provider’s performance is only as good as your connectivity solution.

Our Head Is in the Clouds but Our Feet Are on the Ground

Other Partners

Aldo Group Inc. optimizes access to its data using a private AWS cloud solution


With its growing online and in-store business activities, Aldo is looking to make it easier to access its data securely anytime. In an environment where balancing performance with experience is key, Aldo is looking for an efficient and flexible solution to ensure its infrastructure remains resilient.


  • 24/7 access to their data
    In the age of online services, direct and private access is imperative
  • Flexibility
    A flexible solution that can match market realities and requirements
  • Performance and experience
    A solution that provides access to cloud tools with stable performance and predictable flow quality
  • Resilient infrastructure
    A decentralized solution to avoid collecting too much critical information in the same geographic area
  • Reduced investment
    The cost of storage equipment, monthly space rental payments (data centres) and energy bills are significant, non-negligible expenses
  • Security and confidentiality
    Aldo is committed to the security and confidentiality of the data it processes

AWS Direct Connect solution

If cloud migration is an option for the get-go, an initial assessment of a cloud storage option was suggested. After a trial run, Aldo determined that some instances could be migrated to the cloud more easily than others.

Office 365 was the first to be migrated to the public cloud. Despite the fears associated with the change in mindset—moving from an on-premise solution to a fundamentally cloud-based one—the migration was successful. Senior management monitored the changeover, carefully paying attention to the benefits in terms of flexibility, agility and financials. As a result, other computer services that could also benefit from a cloud option were also assessed.

That’s when Aldo decided to meet with its long-standing connectivity solution provider, Fibrenoire, to compare various options to continue on their cloud adventure. Thanks to their consulting engineering approach, Fibrenoire was able to minimize the risks of using public channels to send data to the various Cloud providers by offering a private alternative through its CloudEXTN service, which interconnects Aldo directly with the AWS Direct Connect service.


CloudEXTN is a true extension from the private Fibrenoire network to cloud content providers. It’s a hassle-free connection service whose installation is seen as expanding the options available to a customer’s existing services.

This cloud access solution is direct and private for a single or all client sites, with no real change to the physical infrastructure. It’s like Fibrenoire bringing the cloud right into your network! Cloud access performance is stable, with predictable flow quality.

In addition, this service has the resilience of a cloud-based infrastructure with a diversified interconnection completely managed by Fibrenoire.

The cloud model is a flexible service that meets the needs of an on-demand service: scaling down, scaling up and more are all elements supported by CloudEXTN.

In a nutshell

Aldo’s challenge

In the age of online business, increasing security threats and privacy issues: simplify and optimize access to its data across all its branches.


Adoption of the CloudEXTN cloud solution from Fibrenoire, which provides direct, private and comprehensively managed access to a suite of cloud-based services and applications.

About The Aldo Group Inc.

Since 1972, the Aldo Group has been involved in the retail trade by selling shoes for the whole family, as well as various fashion accessories and leather goods. Aldo offers modern, trendy products that suit society’s active lifestyle. Based in Montreal, Aldo is well established in a vast number of countries worldwide.

Since 2005, Aldo has also offered an online shopping and transaction service featuring the latest technology, from online ordering to point-of-sale inventory validation and optimization. Without compromising its competitive prices, Aldo strives to be consistently aware of its customers’ needs and leverage new and social media to connect with its target audiences.

Company size:
500 to 749 employees.

Business locations:
Aldo focuses most of its sales and operations in the Americas.

The Aldo Group Inc.
Head Office:
Ville Saint-Laurent
2300 Émile-Bélanger Street
Montreal, QC, Canada
H4R 3J4

“Fibrenoire’s CloudEXTN service is a key element in Exceldor’s cloud strategy providing us with access to the networks of leading hosting service providers.”

Jérôme Tétreault – Director, Infrastructure and Support Service – Exceldor

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We’re So Connected!

Completely Dedicated to Offering You Dedicated Fibre

Your business is the only one to utilize a dedicated fibre. It is totally and exclusively yours and it is probably the only place where we’ll tell you that not sharing is caring. You benefit from a constant and guaranteed speed. Is it security, robustness and speed you’re looking for? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

Mad Technical Support to Infinity and Beyond

No matter the time of day, you have DIRECT access to our technical team who will solve all and any of your connectivity problems. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365.25 days a year (yes, we even take into account leap years), you literally have infinite access to our geeks… and beyond!

Easy and Hassle-Free Installation

We take care of everything! With more than 2000 ON-NET buildings and 180,000 in our immediate coverage, our installation delays are among the fastest.

Outside our covered zone? No worries! We can either build to connect you or pass through one of our third-party partners.

An SLA that Works for You

Our Service Level Agreement certifies the you get the following:

  • 100% dedicated bandwidth
  • 99.9% availability on local loop
  • 99.99% backbone availability
  • MTTR (mean-time-to-repair) of 4 hours
  • MTTr (mean-time-to-respond with a first diagnosis) of 15 minutes

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