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Expertise Without the Tease

Because we actually understand what we sell

1 - Knowledge is only real when shared.
Good thing we have a knack for it.

That’s why our approach is deeply rooted in consulting-engineering:

We Understand

Your reality, your goals, your vision, and your needs.

We Analyse and Dissect
The critical elements of your processes and their integration into your infrastructure.

We Give Your Business a Head Start
We challenge your existing condition with the best practices on the market and innovative services.

We Evolve Hand-in-hand
We propose tailor-made solutions adapted to the realities of what the future brings.

2 - We’re born outside the box

That’s why we constantly challenge the status quo:

We Design Creative Solutions
No bullshit. Just adapted, scalable and tailor-made for you.

We Develop Multiple Scenarios
All roads lead to Rome. Except that some are better than others.
Compare our scenarios and choose the one that best suits your needs.

We Offer Bulletproof Solutions
Security, reliability, high-availability, and redundancy. Your needs are our command.

We Never Lose Sight of the Future
We align ourselves with and educate ourselves on whatever new technologies are on the horizon.

3 - Keep your friends close but keep your providers closer

That's why the team that looks after you is 100% dedicated to you:

One Dedicated Team per Customer

Doing business with Fibrenoire means you have a team (sales representative, customer network specialist, project manager, network planner and network expert) dedicated to you at all times, rain or shine.

We Never Lose Sight
Our network specialists establish a strategy with you and accompany you throughout the changes.

We’re Just So Connected
Everything is put in place in the aim of taking you straight to the point.

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