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Business Mobility Service

Agile and mobile across the line!

To get your customized mobile plan:

Streamline your business with our customized mobility service. Thanks to our mobility service, you benefit across the line.

The following equation explains why:

An ultra-broad and high-performance network in Canada, the United States and overseas
A dedicated team of qualified business advisors
Flexible and shareable data, and peace of mind while travelling
The best of mobility

Thanks to our customized mobility plans, business will be good!

Our business mobility service will configure and manage your entire device pool. #peaceofmind

You’ll get plenty of flexibility, including through additional data sharing and our traveller option.

Contact us for a customized plan that meets your specific needs!


Dedicated to your business

A single point of contact dedicated to your business needs

A vast, high-performance network

Across Canada, the United States and overseas

Wide selection of devices

A selection of a customized pool of devices for your business needs

Plans tailored to your business needs

Your plan is tailored to your needs

Management and configuration

We take care of configuring and managing all your mobile devices

Flexible and shareable data

Avoid bad surprises with FlexGo!

Peace of mind while travelling

Your business follows you seamlessly, no matter where you are



All the flexibility you need!

Data tiers allow your business to share additional Mobile data when you exceed the data limit on your Mobile plan.

These economical tiers offer peace of mind and flexibility as they adapt to your data consumption. So you can take care of your business without ever having to worry about going over your plan data limit.

Daily Traveller Pass

With our travel coverage, you’re good to go!

Activate the US or International Daily Traveller Pass option in the Customer Centre and roam on your smartphone in more than 100 countries

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