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Protect your business!

Get your custom security solution:

Our smart and custom enterprise security solutions protect you from external threats, without compromising your IT infrastructure’s performance.

The following equation explains why:

Create a security perimeter, get external protection for it and control the use of your clients’, partners’ and employees’ applications
Custom protection: our solutions adapt to your reality and allow for flexibility, redundancy and diversity
Access to security and user reports
The best unified threat management and security

Don’t let cyber threats hamper your business!

Security is an important pillar to protect your data, block access to malware and defend against hacking. Your security technology needs to keep pace to be effective against ever evolving sophisticated and intelligent threats.

Good timing! Our technology allows you to customize your security configuration to suit your needs. It’s a comprehensive and evolving solution that protects your resources and keeps your information safe from threats.

More than just simple tools, our solution allows for Unified Threat Management (UTM).

Unified Threat Management

A complete and scalable solution

  • Firewall
  • VPN Connection
  • Intrusion Detection /IDS
  • Intrusion Prevention / IPS
  • Antivirus
  • Anti-botnet
  • SSL Inspection (optional)
  • Web filtering
  • Email and messaging security (upcoming)


Whether you choose an on-site firewall, cloud security, or a combination of both, our solution allows for great flexibility that adapts to your needs and to today’s and tomorrow’s threats!


99.99% protection via two firewalls (primary and secondary)

Diversified Cloud

Our cloud firewall protection is available by zone (Coast-to-coast in Canada)

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