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Unified Cloud Communications

It’s basically telepathy!

Get your custom Unified Cloud Communications solution:

At the office, working from home or at home, our state of the art cloud communications service is there for all your communications and collaboration needs.

The following equation shows why:

Unified collaboration tools using one interface (calls, chat, videoconferencing, screen sharing, etc.)
Fully managed communications (call management and auto-attendant) #peaceofmind
Only one phone number (your landline and mobile phone combined)
The best of Cloud communications

Our cloud communications service bundles multiple solutions into one, no matter where you are. Boost your productivity, use advanced features and benefit from an automated phone front desk that manages your calls just like your administrative assistant would.

Your communication and collaboration tools are combined into one seamless interface - hosted IP telephony (VoIP), chat, videoconferencing, screen sharing, etc.

Forget about a traditional telephone system’s costs and complexities! Cloud communication makes it easy for you to do business wherever you are!

Les avantages

Be more productive

Collaborative tools, like videoconferencing, chat and screen sharing, make employee communications in the office or while working from home easier. It’s like everybody is at the office!

A business number that follows you everywhere

Your company’s phone numbers are assigned to people (and not devices)! Each employee can be reached anywhere and regardless of the phone they use, either fixed or mobile, with one number for all their devices.

Automated call routing

Get an automated phone front desk that manages your calls just like your administrative assistant would. Once you’ve set up your personalized greeting, all your company’s incoming calls will be automatically routed to their recipient, even on their mobile! Yeah!

Managed communications

Your communications are fully managed: management with an auto-attendant

Unified collaboration tools

Videoconferencing, chatting, screen sharing; all your communications tools under one interface!

Dedicated to your business

A single point of contact dedicated to your business needs

Around-the-clock technical support

Our technical support is there at all times to help you if there is problem.

Contact centre for your business

Incoming call priority management, chat and videoconference contacts, queue, etc.

Guaranteed voice quality

No matter where you are or the device you’re using.

Let’s Connect and Get You Connected

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