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Fully Managed Private IP MPLS Networks

We Become the Extension or Your IT Department

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Our private network service is like having the wind beneath your wings while being deeply rooted.

The following formula better explains why:
Ultra-flexible bandwidth + Traffic prioritization + No equipment management = The Epitome of Private Networks

Our IP MPLS Private Network service is the solution for connecting all of your company’s sites on a single IP network.

In addition to our ultra flexible bandwidth, you can prioritize each type of traffic on your private network (voice, video, data, etc.).

As a bonus, our fibre geeks take care of managing your network as well as your CE (Customer Edge).

Available Qualities of Service (QoS):

QoS is the ability to assign priorities to different network services. We do not only offer you regular QoS, we offer dynamic QoS which means that the network adapts dynamically by reassigning network resources based on the needs of your applications.

Levels of Classes of Service (CoS):

4 basic classes of service are offered:

  • Real-time
  • Mission Critical
  • Best Effort
  • Less Than Best Effort

We can also define up to 12 classes of service when needed.


Keep It Simple

Our geeks take care of configuring, installing and maintaining the equipment of your private network. All of your addresses can easily connect to a single IP network.

As Flexible as Mrs. Incredible

With our IP MPLS service, you choose what meets the needs of your business. You can prioritize certain types of traffic over others by configuring your own bandwidth.

Bang for Your Buck

Your initial acquisition costs are reduced significantly since the customer edge equipment is provided by Fibrenoire. Less investment means less worry!

We’re So Connected!

Completely Dedicated to Offering You Dedicated Fibre

Your business is the only one to utilize a dedicated fibre. It is totally and exclusively yours and it is probably the only place where we’ll tell you that not sharing is caring. You benefit from a constant and guaranteed speed. Is it security, robustness and speed you’re looking for? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

Easy and Hassle-Free Installation

We take care of everything! With more than 2000 ON-NET buildings and 180,000 in our immediate coverage, our installation delays are among the fastest.

Outside our covered zone? No worries! We can either build to connect you or pass through one of our third-party partners.

Mad Technical Support to Infinity and Beyond

No matter the time of day, you have DIRECT access to our Level 3 technical team who will solve all and any of your connectivity problems. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365.25 days a year (yes, we even take into account leap years), you literally have infinite access to our geeks… and beyond!

An SLA that Works for You

Our Service Level Agreement certifies the you get the following:

  • 100% dedicated bandwidth
  • 99.9% availability on local loop
  • 99.99% backbone availability
  • MTTR (mean-time-to-repair) of 4 hours
  • MTTr (mean-time-to-respond with a first diagnosis) of 15 minutes

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