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Digital transformation: 4 key elements to create value for your business (Webinar)

When it comes to digital transformation, the momentum is strong! Although keeping the status quo is never an option, we can all agree that “transformation” may leave many uneasy (especially in these unstable times!). But it shouldn’t! Digital transformation is more than just a shift to be taken; it eventually leads all businesses to ask themselves what they can do differently to add value.

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Published on August 21, 2020

More than just a shift to be taken, digital transformation eventually leads all businesses to ask themselves: 


“What can we do differently in order to add value? 

Even in times of uncertainty, your business can increase productivity through a digital transformation of your operations. This is more than a technological change: it means making your business processes more effective in order to quickly add value across the organization. 

This transformation is embodied through the adoption of better digital tools. And it all starts with your Internet provider. At Fibrenoire, we have an open, flexible offer aiming to help businesses reach their long-term objectives. 

To kick things off, we have identified four key elements for a successful digital transformation. Here they are. 

Reaching far and wide 

Regardless of the sector, digital transformation leaders have managed to carve their place by going beyond the boundaries of their market, with innovation at the heart of their approach. This is probably the first impact of such a transformation: making new customers more accessible via technological tools, which creates value at a lower cost for the company. 

Up until recently, the expansion of technological services would involve a massive IT infrastructure investment. But this has changed. The emergence of the cloud avoids having to invest in expensive equipment and makes it possible to access the desired apps and services more directly, through a single provider. 

This change has even rendered the offer more uniform from one provider to another. It’s no longer the scope of the infrastructure that matters, but rather the quality of the service offered, as well as the transparency and reliability of the provider. 

For your business, this new method completely breaks down boundaries. It’s an opportunity to broaden your potential market and reach new sources of revenue without having to invest substantial sums into equipment that will need to be upgraded in a few years. 

Automation is for everyone 

The proper orchestration of digital tools contributes to the success of the transformation. They need to meet your business needs and must be adapted to your evolution. And for this to be possible, you need a good conductor. 

With this in mind, Fibrenoire continually fine-tunes its client portal, which acts as a conductor. Bandwidth adjustment features are already in place (bandwidth on demand), as well as the possibility of performing real-time monitoring of your company’s critical applications, which helps determine which of these should be prioritized or adjusted, without the need for constant human intervention. This automation will help your business adjust more quickly, based on the evolution of your business needs. 

A simplified, secure approach 

A digital transformation facilitates interactions between your different technological services, as well as between your business and its clients and various partners, anywhere on the network. Ensuring the security of data exchanged without over-limiting their use is essential. In other words, you need to ensure your security tools are agile and flexible as well. 

Cloud-based security tools like those offered by Fibrenoire help maintain this flexibility. These tools are compliant with the SASE concept, designed by Gartner, which defines the security of data in a decentralized cloud-based context. The SASE (for Secure Access Service Edge) ensures the security policies applied by the business internally are respected, even in a remote environment. 

This approach guarantees an optimal security level via the entity’s identity (e.g., a user, group of users, subsidiary, etc.), and continually ensures that access to the services and data is done based on the criteria established by the company. 

Be ready for tomorrow 

A good digital transformation promises to offer flexibility to make your business more agile, regardless of the context. This means that the transformation must respect and accelerate the achievement of your business objectives in the long term in order to avoid unnecessary transformation costs. It must also enable you to connect with new business partners and relevant service providers without the need for a complete overhaul. 

Choosing the right suppliers in this transformation is therefore of utmost importance: they must be on board with your long-term vision. After all, a successful digital transformation promises to make your operations more agile; it goes without saying that the tools you adopt should be just as agile!


To view the webinar in full and see the list of questions asked (in French only – aired June 3, 2020): 

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