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BGP Information & Peering

AS22652 - Information BGP & Peering

ASN BGP 22652
Technical Support Contact - 514-907-3002 x 2
Peering Administration Contact
Approximate number of routes IPv4: 500 - IPv6: 40
Recommended BGP Max.-prefix IPv4: 1000 - IPv6: 100

Peering Point

Peering on Public IX

IX name City IP Capacity
QIX Montreal (QC)
TorIX Toronto (ON)
VanIX Vancouver (BC)
DE-CIX New York New York (NY)

Private Peering

Cologix MTL3 1250 René-Lévesque Boulevard W., Suite 500, Montreal (Quebec) H3B 4W8
Cologix VAN1 555 West Hastings Street, Vancouver (British Columbia) V6B 1N9
iWeb CO 20 Place du Commerce, Nuns' Island (Quebec) H3E 1Z6
TOR151F 151 Front Street W., Toronto (Ontario) M5J 2N1
Vantage Montreal 2900 Marie Curie Avenue, Saint-Laurent (Quebec) H4S 2C2
Vantage Quebec 2675 Parc Technologique Boulevard, Quebec (Quebec) G1P 4S5
eStruxture MTL1 800 Square-Victoria Street, Montreal (Quebec) H4Z 1A1
eStruxture MTL2 7001 St Jacques St, Montreal (Quebec) H4B 3A2
Hypertech YUL01 9300 Transcanadienne Rd, Montreal (Quebec) H4Z 1A1

Private peering is only available on 10GE.

Peering Policy

  • Each of the parties involved must maintain an 24/7 NOC, 365 days a year.

  • Each of the parties involved must act quickly and diligently to acquire the additional capacity needed to support traffic growth.

  • Each of the parties involved must maintain a 100% redundant backbone network with a capacity of at least 10Gbps.

  • Each of the parties involved must register and update its routes in the Internet Routing Registry (IRR) database.

  • Each of the parties involved must make every reasonable effort to limit the transmission of denial-of-service attacks and packets with spoofed or forged addresses originating from its network.

  • None of the parties involved is to establish a static route or a default route or route traffic to another party via a path not already announced via BGP. Such action is considered service theft and those acting in this way will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

  • Fibrenoire reserves the right to amend this policy at any time and without prior notice.

  • All the above-mentioned requirements must be met at the time of the interconnection request and will be maintained for the full duration of the interconnection.

  • Fibrenoire reserves the right to accept or decline any interconnection request for any reason.
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