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The Fibre Optic Network Dedicated to Businesses in Quebec

There’s nothing new here, our network is everywhere in this Old Capital. From both sides of the St. Lawrence river passing by the fjord, our fibre goes from Trois-Rivières to Rimouski and all the way to Lac Mégantic. Isn’t that fantastic?

Fibre optic

45 000 km

Connected enterprises


Total Internet Capacity

200 Gbps

Our Network's Got It All

There’s definitely no obstacles for us in Quebec. Fibrenoire transports IP traffic to our international TIER I transits. Fewer intermediaires only means more performance.

Internet Capacity
Optic Fibre
Peering Sessions
Network Operations Centre (NOC)

Data Centre

We Are There!

We are present in more than 60 data centres including the only one in Quebec city:

  • 4Degrés

We’re so connected!

Completely Dedicated to Offering You Dedicated Fibre

Your business is the only one to utilize a dedicated fibre. It is totally and exclusively yours and it is probably the only place where we’ll tell you that not sharing is caring. You benefit from a constant and guaranteed speed. Is it security, robustness and speed you’re looking for? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

Easy and Hassle-Free Installation

We take care of everything! With more than 2000 ON-NET buildings and 180,000 in our immediate coverage, our installation delays are among the fastest. Outside our covered zone? No worries! We can either build to connect you or pass through one of our third-party partners.

Mad Technical Support to Infinity and Beyond

No matter the time of day, you have DIRECT access to our Level 3 technical team who will solve all and any of your connectivity problems. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365.25 days a year (yes, we even take into account leap years), you literally have infinite access to our geeks… and beyond!

An SLA that Works for You

Our Service Level Agreement certifies that you get the following:

  • 100% dedicated bandwidth
  • 99.9% availability on local loop
  • 99.99% backbone availability
  • MTTR (mean-time-to-repair) of 4 hours
  • MTTr (mean-time-to-respond with a first diagnosis) of 15 minutes
Let’s Connect and Get You Connected

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